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Guide to Bergen, Norway
Bergen is a delightful city of colour and history...

Bergen, famous for its rainfall due to being situated amongst the "seven mountains" (there may be nine, the citizens can't agree) was founded in 1070 and is Norway's second city. It's one of those places that tourist offices claim has something for everyone and, in Bergen's case, it's very true.

Like a lot of Norwegian towns and cities, Bergen has suffered from a number of fires, despite the rainfall, meaning much of the city has been built in the past 150 years. The jaunty old harbour, around Hanseatic wharf in Bryggen, is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and the tightly packed streets, lead off up to the white, wooden houses of Skuteviken on the waters edge, North of the main harbour, where the narrow, cobbled streets are home to a thriving community of homes, shops and cafes.

There's a fascinating fish market, known locally as "Torget", where fish has been sold since the days of wooden ships, and the variety on offer can make the local supermarket back home look positively amateurish.

On very rainy days the cloud sinks low over the city and surrounding areas, giving a sense of isolation from the world. It's easy to escape on days like this by taking the Fløibanen funicular railway away from the city centre to the top of Mt. Fløyen, or a cable car to the summit of our Mt. Ulriken, Bergen's highest mountain.

Bergen is also known, possibly by tourist officials, as the "Gateway to the Fjords" and there are plenty of trips and cruises through these spectacular natural wonders.

And so, as long as travellers pack a waterproof coat and an umbrella, they can happily meander through the streets, visiting the museums and ascending the mountain peaks, as hours and days drift by, like a passing rain cloud.

Guide to Bergen, NorwayGuide to Bergen, Norway

Guide to Bergen, NorwayGuide to Bergen, Norway
Guide to Bergen, Norway

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