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Life Is A Cabaret...

Spend a week exploring two of Europe's greatest cities- go sightseeing in Paris, then take the night train to Berlin

London - Paris - Berlin - Paris

From 8 days From £830
Enjoy the wonders of Paris, and the thrill of Berlin by train- take the Eurostar to the heart of Paris, enjoy sightseeing in the city of light then take the night train to fascinating, chic Berlin

The Little Grand Tour

From London to Paris and on to Venice- an unforgettable week of romance and beauty

London - Paris - Venice - Paris

From 5 days From £770
Renaissance art, shimmering canals and the glories of the Venetian waterfront, book-ended by the culture and cafes of the French capital.

A Weekend in Brussels

Fairytale streets, modern shopping and cultural charm

London - Brussels

From 3 days
Spend a weekend time-travelling in this lovely old city, which offers the ancient charms of guildhalls and galleries alongside sleek, modern bars and restaurants. Big enough to suit every taste but small enough to stroll around, Brussels is curious, creative and complex.

A Weekend In Paris

Enjoy the romance, charm and fun of the French capital -in just three days you can enjoy the very best of Paris

London - Paris

From 3 days
Whether you prefer serious sightseeing or gentle strolling, Eurostar takes you to the heart of Paris with no stress- so you're ready to embrace the city's charms as soon as you step off the train.

A Weekend In Lille

Discover Europe's hidden jewel, where France meets Flanders

London - Lille

From 3 days
Explore the cobbled streets and medieval squares of beautiful Lille- just over an hour from London

Imperial Drama and Fairytale Charm

Paris, Brussels and Vienna - experience three of Europe's greatest capital cities

London - Paris - Zurich - Vienna - Cologne - Brussels

From 8 days
Head for the Imperial glories of Vienna, and take in the romance of Paris, the charm of Brussels and the elegance of Zurich along the way

Lake Lucerne To The Grand Canal

The Alpine beauty of Lucerne and Lugano, the Renaissance glory of Venice, and the Belle Epoque romance of Paris

London - Lucerne - Lugano - Venice - Paris

From 8 days
An awe-inspiring train journey through the Alps leads to the wonders of Venice's shimmering canals and ancient palaces

Waterfalls and Waltzes

A breath-taking journey through the Swiss Alps to Vienna

London - Paris - Zurich - Vienna - Zurich - Paris

From 6 days
From London to Paris and onto Vienna by train - experience the city's beauty and grandeur, visit the wonderful cafes and coffee houses, and explore the palaces, galleries and museums of Austria's historic capital.

French Roads To Florence

An unforgettable road trip through nature, culture and history. Drive through the fields and mountains of France and Switzerland to see the glorious art of Florence.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - Montreux - Turin - Florence - Cannes - Lyon - Troyes - Heuchin - Calais

From 13 days
Misty mountains, silver lakes and Belle Epoque grandeur pave the way to the Renaissance masterpieces of Florence. The return journey takes in glamorous Cannes, and the medieval charm of Troyes. An unforgettable road trip.

A Viennese Whirl and a Dab of Cologne

Take a glorious journey through the Rhine Valley to Vienna, stopping off in charming Cologne and eclectic Brussels

London - Brussels - Cologne - Vienna - Cologne - Brussels

From 5 days
The Imperial beauty and modern edge of Vienna await- after a romantic journey by night train. See two of Europe's other great cities along the way, celebrating the architecture, culture and charm of Northern Europe.

A Long weekend in Lucerne.

A weekend in one of Europe's most beautiful locations, where the silver lake is surrounded by snowy mountains

London - Lucerne - Paris

From 4 days
Spend the weekend lost in awe and enjoyment, as you sail on Lake Lucerne, take a cable car to the summit of majestic Mount Pilatus and wander the charming old town of Lucerne.

A Long Weekend by the Swiss Lakes

See the best of Switzerland-experience the gentle beauty of Lucerne and the vibrant joy of Lugano by train

London - Paris - Lugano - Lucerne - Lucerne

From 5 days
In just a handful of days, it’s possible to experience all the beauty of both Lucerne and Lugano, via a train journey through Switzerland’s most glorious scenery.

The Beauty of the Fjords

Cruise through the majestic Norwegian fjords- a magical journey by sea to the beauty of the North

London - Dover - Bergen - Flaam - Alesund - Eidfjord - Hardangerfjord

From 8 days From £508
The soft white nights of the Norwegian fjords, the torrents of water tumbling down great mountains, the distant horizon glowing copper at sunset...this is a sea journey like no other

A Weekend in Lyon via Paris

Spend the weekend in the food capital of France

London - Paris - Lyon - Paris

From 3 days From £275
Spend a wonderful weekend in Lyon, the food capital of France. Travel by train and stop off in Paris for a luxurious lunch, before speeding through the heart of the French countryside to arrive in Lyon just two hours later. On the way back, there’s time to see more of Paris.

A Weekend in Lyon via Lille

Spend a weekend in the food capital of France

London - Lille - Lyon - Lille

From 3 days From £275
Spend a wonderful weekend in Lyon, the food capital of France. Travel by train and stop off in Lille for lunch, before speeding through the heart of the French countryside to arrive in Lyon just two hours later. On the way back, there’s time to see more of Lille.

Paris, Lyon and Lausanne.

A journey of spectacular scenery and wonderful food.

London - Paris - Lyon - Lausanne - Paris

Travel down through Lyon, the gastronomic heart of France, to the beautiful lake and mountains of Lausanne in Switzerland, visiting glorious Paris on the way.

Towns, Cities & Lakes

A journey of glorious French food and Swiss scenery.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - - Troyes - Heuchin - Calais

From 9 days
The charming towns of Northern France lead down to the grandeur of Lausanne on Lake Geneva, two days in glorious, food-obsessed Lyon, and a relaxing drive back via the historic medieval town of Troyes.

An Antiquing Weekend In Brussels And Lille

Explore the brocantes and flea markets of Brussels and Lille.

Dover - Calais - Brussels - Lille - Calais

From 4 days
A weekend tour of the most exciting and eclectic flea markets in Northern Europe. Explore the brocantes and flea markets of Brussels and Lille, pick up bargain treasures, and cram them all in the car. In between browsing, enjoy the easy charm of these grand old cities.

Mountains, Castles and Forests

London - Paris - Munich - Innsbruck - Salzburg - Vienna - Cologne - Brussels

A memorable journey by rail to the famous Austrian cities of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. A holiday of breathtaking landscapes, culture and history

A Long Weekend in Innsbruck

London - Paris - Munich - Innsbruck - Paris

From 4 days
Innsbruck is closer than you think, so take the train for a memorable weekend in the Alpine city of Innsbruck.

A Long Weekend in Salzburg

London - Paris - Munich - Salzburg - Munich - Paris

From 4 days
Take the train to beautiful Salzburg; the birthplace of Mozart, where music fills the streets and theatres every night of the year. Ringed by snow-peaked mountains and crossed by a sparkling jade river, this beautiful city combines ancient, onion-domed churches with cosy restaurants and lofty medieval palaces.

French Roads To The Alps

Dover - Calais - Paris - Lyon - Lucerne - Troyes - Lille - Calais

From 10 days
This dazzling route down to Lucerne, nestled like a glittering diamond amongst the Swiss Alps, is leads you through the very best of France.

Hidden Treasures and Medieval Wonder.

A gentle 7 day driving tour through Lille, Troyes and Paris (Cergy)

Dover - Calais - Lille - Troyes - Paris

From 7 days
This wonderful trip takes in the delightful city of Lille, the medieval wonder of Troyes and the historical magnificence of Paris, without ever having to drive for more than a few hours each day. The driving is easy and relaxed and passes through classic French countryside. Lille and Troyes are very accessible by car.

Ride the Autoroute Du Soleil

Make the journey south part of your holiday, rather than like a scene from the Gumball Rally...

Dover - Calais - Paris - Lyon - Nice

From 13 days
Driving down to the South of France is very popular, especially for families. You can take more luggage and you'll see beautiful countryside along the way. The drive is lovely but long- and if you don’t have to cram it into a day, it makes sense to plan in some truly enjoyable breaks that can become part of the holiday. This is our suggested itinerary for a relaxed journey that goes via a quick visit to Paris.

Lille, Troyes & Lyon

A visual treat and a gastronomic feast...

Dover - Calais - Lille - Troyes - Lyon - Paris - Calais

From 9 days
Visit the delightful charms of Lille, the medieval wonder of Troyes and the culinary brilliance of Lille on this easy driving tour.

Drive from Calais to the South of France

Take the relaxed option and drive down with stopovers in Pas de Calais Troyes & Limonest near Lyon.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Troyes - Lyon - Nice

From 4 days
Driving down to the South of France is very popular, especially for families. You can take more luggage and you'll see beautiful countryside along the way. The drive is lovely but long- and if you don’t have to cram it into a day, it makes sense to plan in some truly enjoyable breaks that can become part of the holiday. This is our suggested itinerary for a relaxed journey via Troyes.

A Weekend in the Magic of Portmeirion

Spend the weekend amongst the fantastical Italianate village of Portmeirion, set on a gorse-clad cliff in North Wales on the edge of Snowdonia.

London - Portmeirion

From 3 days From £390
Portmeirion is both hallucination and inspiration, a place that's playful and peaceful in equal measure. Sheep roam on the beach, an abandoned lighthouse stands sentinel over the harbour, and somewhere in the far distance, real life waits for vistors to return. You'll never regret a visit...

Newcastle to Amsterdam Mini-Cruise

Take the overnight ferry from Newcastle and visit the famous Dutch city of Amsterdam.

Newcastle - - Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Haarlem - Amsterdam

From 5 days From £415
Travelling overnight on the ferry from Newcastle is a great way to travel to Amsterdam. If you live in the northern part of the United Kingdom then taking an overnight ferry from Newcastle can be the easiest, cheapest option for travel to Amsterdam or Haarlem.

A Long Weekend in Prague

Prague is a beguiling, magical city and it's very easy to reach by train from London.

London - Brussels - Cologne - Prague - Cologne - Brussels

From 4 days From £350
Enjoy the wonders of this ancient city without having to fly. Take a relaxing train journey right into the heart of Prague. It's closer than you may think and so perfect for a long weekend away.

From Paris to Prague, via Berlin.

Prague is a magical city, and easily reached by train. On the way see Paris and Berlin too.

London - Paris - Berlin - Prague - Berlin - Paris

From 7 days
Spend a memorable holiday visiting the great European cities of Paris, Berlin and Prague by rail.


Leave London in the morning and wake up in Budapest the following morning. Easy.

London - Paris - - Budapest - - Paris

From 5 days
Visit the dreamlike capital of Hungary without having to fly. This is the simple, fast option for getting to Budapest by train.

Madrid by train from Paris

No need to fly if you want see the Spanish capital...

London - Paris - Barcelona - Madrid - Barcelona - Paris

From 5 days
Leave London on the morning train and be in Madrid by midnight. Or why not spend the night in Paris and Barcelona?


Drive down through the Champagne region of France and tour the best of Switzerland's cities, towns and famous mountains.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - Bern - Interlaken - Basel - Troyes - Lille - Calais

From 13 days
Take a leisurely road trip through France into Switzerland and fall in love with magnificent Swiss cities, towns and landscapes.

The Golden Pass - London to Interlaken by train via Montreux

Travel from London and to Switzerland by train and take the Golden Pass service to Interlaken and Lucerne.

London - Paris - Montreux - Interlaken - Lucerne - Paris

From 7 days
If you want a scenic train journey then this is a wonderful chance to see the best that Switzerland has to offer. Travel from London to Lausanne in just one day on the superfast TGV service from Paris to Lausanne before connecting to Montreux and the Golden Pass, famous throughout the world for the views. You can be in London in the morning and on the shore of Lake Geneva by the evening.

London to Basel By Train

Arrive in Basel just 7 hours after leaving London St.Pancras

London - Paris - Basel - Paris

From 4 days From £115
Get to Basel without flying. By train you can leave London in the morning and arrive in Basel in the evening. You take a TGV train, a modern hi-speed service, which makes this journey simple and relaxing. A weekend in Basel by train is definitely possible...

Take The Train From London to Bern. Capital to Capital In Just 8 Hours...

You can travel from London to Bern without flying in just 8 hours. Leave London in the morning and, via Paris be in Bern by the evening.

London - Paris - Bern - Paris

From 4 days
Enjoy Eurostar and superfast TGV trains from London to Bern, the medieval capital of Switzerland. It's a simple journey by train, avoiding all the hassle of having to get to an airport, baggage allowance, searches and extra taxes. It's also a much more environmentally safer way to travel than flight. If you don't want to fly, take the train...

From London to Zurich By Train

Take Train from London to Zurich In Just 8 Hours.

London - Paris - Zurich - Paris

From 4 days
The journey from Paris to Zurich is a direct service on the hi-speed TGV service. Leave London in the morning and be in Zurich by the evening. Take the train, there's no need to fly.

London to Zermatt By Train

Leave London in the morning and be in Zermatt by bedtime.

London - Paris - Zermatt - Paris

From 7 days From £298
Travel from London to Zermatt by train and see some of the most spectacular scenery Europe has to offer on the way. Zermatt is a famous resort where no cars are allowed and you can ski amongst glorious mountainscapes.

London to Graubunden By Train

Take the train from London to Chur, St.Moritz and Davos.

London - Paris - Zurich - GRAUBÜNDEN - Zurich - Paris

From 7 days From £216
Leave London at breakfast time and be in the heart of Switzerland by evening.



London - Barcelona

From 4 days


Take the train and ferry to Holland

London - Harwich - - Rotterdam - Harwich

From £45
The Dutch Flyer is the combined rail and ferry ticket that permits travel from Liverpool Street in London, or any station in Greater Anglia, to Holland via the ferry service from Harwich. It also includes a return ticket to any named Dutch destination, such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or even Amsterdam. It's a simple, cost effective way to get Holland, especially via the overnight ferry.

A Weekend In North Wales

Take a wonderful road trip through Snowdonia and the North Wales Coast

Manchester - Betwys Y Coed - Blaenau Ffestiniog - Portmeirion - Llandudno

From 3 days

Take The Train To San Marino

Take the train from London to San Marino and see spectacular scenery as you visit one of the world's oldest countries.

London - Paris - Milan - San Marino - Milan - Paris

From 5 days

Tour The Liberation Route in Holland

Take the train on this very moving tour that commemorates the WW2 battles around Arnhem and Nijmegen...

London - Harwich - Rotterdam - NIJMEGEN - Harwich

From 5 days

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