Cafe Juliette

Named after famous 18th century socialite and benefactress Juliette Recamier, who was born in Lyon but hosted salons for high society in Paris, this charming bar is a pleasing tribute to her charms. A vast portrait of Juliette watches over the bar, while staff dart in and out, shaking cocktails, delivering tapas, pouring wine, and chatting with regulars.

There are two levels, with bar stools at high tables on the ground floor, and upstairs, a more ‘boudoir’ feel, and the music is excellent- just loud and funky enough to feel like a night out, but pitched at a level where conversation is possible. As the night wears on, the friendly staff, lively clientele and happy atmosphere create a bubble of contentment. It’s the sort of bar where you may easily end up chatting to another table, and before you know it, you’ll be at a party somewhere in the Old Town, wondering how it all happened.

website 41 Rue Juliette Recamier 69006 Lyon 04 78 52 83 80 Brotteaux

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