An urban aquarium of glittering glass and Jetsons futurism, this public square is the heart of bold, commercial Berlin, a result of dramatic redevelopment after its wartime annihilation. From here, it's less than a kilometre's walk past the beautiful Tiergarten park, to the historic monoliths of the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag and the Brandenberg Gate, with its thundering stone horses rearing towards the great avenue of Unter den Linden. Beyond the gate is the view towards the TV Tower, built in 1969. Its glimmering, alien presence surveyed East Berlin like a Cold War Sauron's Eye, for twenty years. All of this is Berlin's legacy, and it is both awe-inspiring and sobering.

Guide to Potsdamerplatz, Guide to Potsdamerplatz,

Guide to Berlin, Germany
Guide to Potsdamerplatz,
Potsdamer Platz

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